Hiking 101

24 Jun

One of the great summer activities is going on a hike with your best friend – your dog.  Here are some tips for when you decide to take your loyal animal out in the forest, or in a specified hiking area:

1. Make sure that your dog responds to his/her name being called – They must obey to your commands, especially in an area with other animals.

2. Training Tip: Teach your dog to stick by your side with treats whenever other hikers, or dogs, pass by on the trail.

3. Do not use extending leashes – You may be spending more time unraveling your dog from around trees and brush than actually hiking.

4. Always have a leash on standby to clip to your dog when encountering other hikers.

5. Be sure that your dog is allowed to roam free without a leash in an off-leash area.

6. Your dog must have on the proper identification tags, such as a collar or harness with your current contact information (including your cell phone number, address, and the dog’s name)

7. Check your pet’s veterinary records and make sure that his/her vaccinations are all up to date. Also be sure that your dog has been treated for ticks.

8. Have respect for your surroundings and fellow hikers, therefore please scoop up after your dog and dispose of it properly in a trash can.

9. Always have clean water handy for both you and your dog! But do not allow your pup to drink out of any streams, puddles, ponds, or lakes, because they may contain harmful parasites.

10. After your hike, look over your dog for any ticks or other insects – especially around his/her ears, belly, and folds of skin.


3 Responses to “Hiking 101”

  1. Jeannie Wilson July 3, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    We have a “runner”. I’ve tried to set him loose, but then I risk that most likely, I’ll spend my time running after and looking for him, then enjoying my walk. Since dog parks are fenced, he’s let loose there, or in our fenced yard, but I’ve not had much luck in the “wild”. Any tips?

  2. animalchamps July 3, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    Some dogs tend to get over-excited when they go on a walk. I recommend keeping your dog on a leash (one that is not retractable) and training him to keep calm, and stay by your side. If you have control over him with the leash, then you take that position as the “alpha dog.” Hopefully over time your dog will respond to your commands (with a leash, or without) so you do not have to run after him all the time.
    If your dog is so excited when going on a walk, to the point where he chokes himself, investing in a harness would be a good idea. Biscotti does the same thing – she gets so excited on walks, starts running while attached to her leash, and chokes herself. A harness is less harsh, but yet you are still in control. Hope this helped!

    • Jeannie Wilson July 3, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

      Great advice Catherine! And, if you speak with your mom, Peg, Barbara, Aunt Eden, Liam, or even Matt – you’ll know I have no problem posing as the “Alpha” (dog). 🙂

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