AE Journal #2

27 Jun

Yesterday, I completed my second full day of my internship at Animal Embassy, and it was even better than the first day! Not only did I learn a lot, I got hands on experience. Did you know that a Reticulated Python is the longest snake in the world? Animal Embassy cares for a reticulated python (that was once a pet) that can grow to be 25 to 30 feet! That is as long as a school bus. AE sends the message to all its visitors that these exotic animals are not meant to be pets. Just imagine caring for a snake that large!

It’s not every day that you can say that you held an owl, and a red-eyed tree frog. These animals were simply stunning, and I will never forget this experience.


Gaining this hands on experience with animals has not only been exciting, but it has reinsured my decision that this is what I would LOVE to pursue in the future. I can’t wait to work with animals all day, everyday. Gaining hands on experience is like no other. I recommend that you get out, and get active.


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