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‘Hobbit’ Animal Deaths

25 Nov

Have you heard of the movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? Well, this movie took an unexpected journey for the worse. There were 27 animal deaths during the production of the movie. Yes, you read that correctly – 27 animal deaths. Many of these deaths were due to farm sinkholes, bluffs (steep cliffs), and other, so called, “death traps.”

A wrangler said that throughout the course of movie production he had to bury three horses, about six goats, six sheep, and a dozen chickens. Horses legs were sliced open due to broken-down fencing, and many died by falling into sinkholes or contracting worms.

Although I do not know who is responsible for the treatment of these animals, it is absolutely inappropriate for the death of so many animals to occur. To all movie production companies and staff, it is of utmost importance to make sure all animals are treated humanely throughout the movie process. Although this occurrence may have been mishaps, it is important to learn from these events in order to improve the treatment of animals used in the film production process.

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